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Website Services Overview

ITS offers highly skilled creative website development and design services. We will build your website from the ground up or rebuild/update an existing one. Our expert website design team can help you create anything from personal blogs and brochure sites, to complex e-commerce websites and everything in between.

Web Design

Brand new websites from the drawing board to launch

Web Development

Leading edge custom web development services that can turn any idea into a reality

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance, updates and re-designs

All PlanS Include

Managed Security

Fully Managed provides a comprehensive package of security measures designed to keep your organization safe from cyber threats.

Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance tasks, designed to prolong the performance and reliability of your IT devices, are executed on a monthly and quarterly schedule.

IT Assessments

Assessments create a baseline of assets and configurations that enable Fully Managed to identify IT service and infrastructure stability risks and potential vulnerabilities.


Fully Managed provides regular reports on the ongoing security, stability, and performance of your devices, infrastructure, and applications. This knowledge helps you make better business decisions and plan for the future.

Predictive Failure​ Monitoring

The more we know, the more we can prevent. The ongoing performance, stability, and security of your devices and IT services are continually measured in a predictive failure fashion.

Service Desk

Access to the Fully Managed Network Operations Center team for preventative maintenance issues deployed to Workstations, Servers, Network Devices and/or our Service Desk Team for user-initiated IT issues and questions.
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5 Key Elements That Will Ensure A Successful Move to Mobile

Strategy & Planning

An important first step! Having a solid technology plan is critical. Determine objectives, how mobile devices will be used and assess your current infrastructure – your Wi-Fi network must be able to handle more demand.

The Right Devices

You have options. Good planning will help with decision making. Medical grade devices offer many benefits (rugged, anti-microbial etc.), or you can opt for consumer grade handhelds – as long as you beef them up to withstand the demands of a senior care environment.

Data & Device Security

This is an obvious priority in a healthcare setting. Organizations must ensure the utmost security when it comes to resident data. Decisions around work-only devices or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will also be required.

Remote Updates & Device Management

Remote monitoring and management of mobile devices is critical to ensure operational effectiveness and security. The beauty of mobile? Updates and fixes can be remotely pushed to the device, while devices can also be wiped if security is threatened.

Supporting Your Team

Delivering care is a round-the-clock undertaking. Supporting staff when and where they need help is critical to reinforce positive attitudes about technology and to boost employee satisfaction.

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